Rental Info

February 25, 2020

Many of Forest Hill Church’s rooms and large spaces may be rented by outside organizations. Some of the rooms available include the Sanctuary, South Hall, Fellowship Hall (with or without Kitchen cooking facilities), the Jin Room, Chapel, Bodwell Hall and the small dining room and kitchen. For availability and rates, please contact the church office at 216.321.2660 or email our Office Administrator. Here’s a little information about some of the spaces available.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall set up for a colorful baby shower

Fellowship Hall set up for meeting


Our Fellowship Hall is equipped with a full stage and sound system and can be configured in many different ways.



The Chapel set for a special intimate worship service.

The Chapel is an open, airy, versatile space–perfect for small worship gatherings, study and prayer groups, ministry meetings, children’s education gatherings, art shows, and more. If you’re looking for an intimate, yet

beautiful space for a smaller wedding or memorial service, the Chapel offers a welcome alternative.

A visitor explores an art show in the Chapel.

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