Our Mission

August 19, 2020

Discovering God’s Call,
Celebrating the Spirit’s Presence,
Witnessing to Christ’s transformative power!

In God, through Jesus Christ, we are on a journey of discovery–a journey inward and a journey outward where spirits are lifted and faith is stretched. In prayer and praise, worship and study, mission and ministry, as individuals and as a congregation, we will grow in faith and understanding in order to become more mature, thoughtful, and engaged people of God. We seek to discover God’s call and dedicate ourselves to passionate action in the service of God’s kingdom.

In God, through Jesus Christ, we celebrate what God’s spirit is doing in the world–with us, among us, and through us. We nurture deep relationships with one another and enjoy the fellowship we share. As Children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ, we rejoice in the diversity of God’s kingdom and welcome one and all into the vitality of our church community.

In God, through Jesus Christ, we witness to God’s transformative action–in our local community and our world. We employ the multiple gifts the Spirit of God has given us to spread the Good News of the Gospel in word and deed. Called to the transformation of persons and structures, we encourage ministries that deepen faith and involve us individually and collectively in acts of social justice. We bear witness to the reconciling power of God’s love.

Our Goal
is to be a community that is:

Welcoming: warm, diverse, and inclusive
Learning: exploring and deepening our faith
Worshiping: regularly participating in engaging worship
Witnessing: participating in faithful social action
Discerning: prayerfully discovering and responding to God’s call for our lives


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