Why Presbyterian?

February 27, 2020

One thing that draws people to a Presbyterian Church is that it doesn’t claim to be the “one true church.” In fact, the word “Presbyterian” refers more to how a church is organized and governed than about what we believe.

Presbyterian congregations are led by a Session. Session members, called Elders, are elected by the congregation to 3-year terms. Our Session has 20 members organized into 7 ministry areas: Adult Education & Leadership; Deacons; Family, Youth & Children; Justice & Mission;  Stewardship; Trustees; and Worship. Each ministry area is headed by 3 Elders, with most Elders serving a staggered 3-year term.  See Current Elders by Ministry

While the Session has the final say on church matters, it’s always with input from the rest of the congregation. And since we’re part of the Presbyterian Church USA, we also have access to the resources of our local Presbytery.

The Presby-WHAT?  Every church in the PC(USA) is part of a local Presbytery that ordains pastors and pays a small staff to support all the Presbyterian churches in a geographic area. Ours is the Presbytery of the Western Reserve. Every other month representatives from each church in our Presbytery meet to worship and share news of Presbytery-wide ministry concerns.

Each Presbytery is part of a larger organization called a Synod, which supports a large number of Presbyteries. Our Presbytery is part of the Synod of the Covenant. The Synods report to and are ruled by one big national church group called the General Assembly, which meets every other year.

The General Assembly sets priorities, develops overall mission objectives and strategies to guide church life, provides programming to help with the overall balance and diversity within the mission of the church, and runs national and international ministries of witness, service, growth, and development.

What do Presbyterians believe? To be a member of a Presbyterian church, as with most other Protestant denominations, you just have to commit to try to follow the teachings and authority of Jesus Christ. (Even if you’re not sure about Jesus, you’re still welcome here. Many people in our pews are here not because they’re sure of their faith but because they want to learn more about what faith is and what it means to follow Christ.) Learn more about joining Forest Hill Church here.

Every Presbyterian is considered a minister of the church. In the Bible, this is called the “priesthood of all believers.” Some are called to be Pastors (or “Teaching Elders”), others are called to be Deacons or Elders (“Ruling Elders”), and others are called to particular areas of service according to their gifts and passions. Anyone can fill any of these roles, including those in same-gender relationships. If you’re lesbian, gay, bi-sexual,  transgender or queer, nothing stops you from being a member or leader of a Presbyterian church or from serving God as you feel called to serve–whether that’s teaching Sunday School, leading a small group book discussion,  facilitating a prayer group, or being ordained as an Elder, Deacon, or Pastor. We are a More Light congregation and all members of the LGBT community have always been and will continue to be welcome and supported at Forest Hill.

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