What We Believe

September 19, 2020

We believe that God is Love, that each and every person is a beloved child of God, and that following Jesus Christ is the best way for us to share that Love with others and ourselves.


Disciples – We have experienced the grace, truth, and love of Jesus Christ in our lives and we witness to that which we know in word and in deed.

Gifted – God has given us gifts and talents, known and unknown, to share. We encourage one another to discover and then offer their gift for God’s glory in the church and the world.

Family – We welcome families of all shapes and types – single people and single parent, blended as well as nuclear. All are a part of our congregational family.

Relational – We nurture deep relationships between people. Moving beyond the superficial we encourage one and all to talk about their faith, to share their doubts, to help one another in times of trouble, to celebrate with one another in times of joy.

Joyful – We enjoy getting together in social, study and mission groups. We like one another’s company as we worship, work, pray and play together.

Prophetic – We believe that God has particular concern for the poor, the hungry, the marginalized in our community and in our world. We work to develop personal relationships with those we hope to serve.

Engaged in the Community – We are a church that is actively involved in the local community of Cleveland Heights, its neighboring cities and the city of Cleveland. We engage ourselves in the issues that shape these communities and the region. Racial reconciliation, fair and open housing, public education and children are especially important to our ministry and mission.

Inclusive – We are a church that is welcoming: all ages, all races, all people along a broad theological spectrum. We meet folks where they are and offer them the place to grow in their faith, make connections with one another, become involved in mission.

Thoughtful – We cherish and encourage thoughtful study and dialogue. We are open to new ways that will empower us to action. We are open to new people and the spirit that they bring.

Permission Giving – We realize that to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ we must give permission to members to risk new initiatives and start new ministries in order to participate in God’s action in the world.

Presbyterian – We are Presbyterians, open to being continually reformed by the word and love of God. We support the mission and work of our Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly. We join gladly with other denominations and faiths in discussion and action, study and worship.

On the Move! – God is calling us into a dynamic tomorrow. We respect tradition but we are not bound by it. We appreciate our past, celebrate our present, and look forward to the future.

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