Grounded in Faith, Growing to Serve

October 2, 2021 Kay Hogg

Dear Member of Our Beloved Community,

As Forest Hill Church prepares for a new calendar year, it is important to reflect on our amazing accomplishments this past year and express gratitude to God and all the people of our beloved family.

In an unprecedented time of physical separation due to Covid-19 restrictions, our volunteers and staff stepped forward to assure that the Forest Hill Church ministry continued. Our church family found new ways to worship, make music, meet virtually and grow spiritually. They gave time and talent. They enabled live streaming of Sunday morning services, socially-distanced deliveries of activity gift bags to homes of our children, “Zoom” video conferencing for ministry meetings, and food distribution to increased numbers of people through our Abundant Food Pantry. They advocated for peace and justice within our church and neighborhoods, donated to the Covid-Relief Fund and so much more. We need to look no further than the acts of our congregation to see a church’s incredible response to a worldwide health crisis!

Through it all, people continued to give their financial treasure as well, even though being together physically was not possible. Did we have financial challenges along the way? Yes. But, as the scripture shown above states, God is able to give [us] more than we need, so that [we] will always have all [we] need…

Forest Hill Church depends on each of us to provide it with our time and talent as we are able. Our continued ministry on the corner of Monticello and Lee necessitates that each of us selflessly shares our financial treasure. Based on previous years, our anticipated operating expenses in 2022 will be almost $1,000,000. Nearly 100% of those expenses are paid by the financial gifts and offerings from our church members, visitors, and friends. Therefore, every gift pledged and received matters.

This year, our Stewardship Ministry Team produced four videos explaining what your dollars support. You can see staff and members of our church family describe what they love about our church and the ministries it offers. In fact, the member testimonials in Video #4 were so terrific; we had to add to divide this video into two parts! The first video, “What is Stewardship,” is about 5 minutes long and features co-pastors Veronica Goines and John Lentz and Jenny Himmelman, and Peter Williams, elders of our Stewardship Ministry Team. Each week during October, a new video will be released each week. Be sure to watch each one! They are informative and heart-warming!

With the deepest gratitude for your support,
The Stewardship Ministry Team


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