Upcoming Events

Classes, Group Discussions, and Workshops for Fall, 2021

The Ministry of Adult Spiritual Growth (formerly Ministry of Adult Education and Spiritual Formation) seeks to support lifelong spiritual growth throughout our worshiping community by providing many diverse opportunities for learning and growing as Adult Christians. We are committed to expanding the number and types of our offerings according to the interests of our community members.

We are pleased to announce our offerings for Fall, 2021 on the pages below.

Ideas Welcome!

If you would like to suggest a class on a particular topic, or a book discussion, or in a workshop to learn a practice or skill related to spiritual growth (such as a type of prayer or meditation), please email Ann Williams.

A Few Words About the Cost of Books:

For every class or group, we include information about any books that are needed or recommended.

As we seek to become the Beloved Community, we are aware that paying the cost of the books needed for some of these classes or groups may be too difficult for some people. For others, the cost is no problem and even paying more than the regular cost is easy.

If you would like to join a group, but you cannot buy the book without breaking your budget, please let us know. We want you to feel free to participate fully! Therefore, we have a Book Scholarship Fund to cover the cost.
On the other hand, if you can pay a bit more, maybe even cover the whole cost of a book for someone else, please make a contribution to the Book Scholarship Fund in addition to your book purchase. We trust that in the spirit of the Beloved Community, we will be able to include everyone fully.