Faith Leader

February 19, 2020

As part of our commitment to developing spiritual lay leaders, we offer an intense, 28-week, small group program called Faith Leader that cultivates lay leaders by helping them develop a deeper connection with God, themselves, and others. The group gathers weekly from September to May, to discern their spiritual gifts and types, develop spiritual disciplines, and explore and commit to personal plans for ministry. The group is limited to 7-10 participants and is co-led by a team of 2 lay leaders and a staff member. For info about the program, or to express interest in participating, contact the office or one of the co-pastors.

Small Plates

While almost 70 members have “graduated” from Faith Leaders, others have asked for shorter offerings. Small Plates was conceived to fill this need and is offered every other year in place of the longer program.

Past Small Plate experiences have included art, Christianity 101, Learnings from Prism on the Four Levels of Racism, and a meditation retreat in Advent.

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