Covid-19 update from the Co-Pastors

January 6, 2022

Dear Friends,

Yet another wave of Covid-19 is moving through our world.  Even though our Christmas Eve service was Livestream only and we limited the musicians and singers to a minimum, there were several cases of Covid infections among the worship leaders.  While we long for the day when we will worry no longer about Omicron and other variants, we are not there yet.

Recently, The Session passed a Covid protocol guideline that was formulated by medical leaders of the church and the Trustees.  The purpose of the guidelines is to provide responsible and consistent messaging for all staff, volunteers and members of the church.   

You may see the full Covid-19 protocol guideline by going to this link: FHC COVID-19 Policy.

If you are a volunteer for any of the many programs of Forest Hill Church (for example, you help lead worship, participate in one of the choirs, or serve at the pantry), you will be required to present a proof of vaccination to the designated leader of that program.  Your information will be guarded securely. If there is a breakout of covid all those who are part of the program will be informed.

We understand how tired you are of this, because we share your weariness and frustration.  However, being the beloved community means that we care for every member of the community and those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ.  

Faithfully yours,

Veronica and John