Social Groups

August 11, 2020

Adult social groups gather monthly for anything from rock climbing to theater outings and canoe trips to Super Bowl parties. They are loosely based on age or life stages (with kids, without kids, retired, just starting out), but each group is open to all. Check Upcoming Events to find out when and where to show up for the next good time.

The Young Adults a attract those between the ages of roughly 25 to 49. After gathering for a series of bible study evenings at our pastor’s home, they started branching out into more social activities, including monthly post-church Sunday brunches. Charity Stock is their contact person.

Pacesetters began as a bunch of Baby Boomers who liked to party. Their events are fun for all ages with most regulars between age 50 and 70. Pacesetters includes a mix of long-time and brand-new members, singles and couples, folks with kids and empty-nesters. Sue or Scott Lafferty are your best bets for information.

About a dozen members of The Group gather at the Rabbit Run Theater

About a dozen members of The Group at the Rabbit Run Theater

The Group/Hilltoppers includes mostly retired singles and couples with a nice mix of new and seasoned members. They love to eat, help others, share adventures, and enjoy music, wine and fun. This group meets the 2nd Saturday of the month unless it’s a Super Bowl party, a musical performance or baseball game. Cathy Ghiandoni is their contact person.

For more info about these groups, email the church or call 216-321-2660 to find out when, where and what is happening next.


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