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Guess Who's Calling Round #2 ~ Sun. Dec. 13 noon-1pm

Ready for Guess Who’s Calling #2? Ready to connect with another Forest Hill member/friend? (Look below for feedback from the Nov. Guess Who’s Calling!) Try it, it’s easy! No computer; no Zoom; just one phone call at a prescribed time to someone you may or may not know, but who is equally interested in conversation and feeling less isolated. Sign up online here or call the church (216-321-2660) before Dec 9. Deacons will pair people up and contact you with that person’s name and number so that conversations can take place on Sunday December 13. Conversation prompts provided. The conversation can be as short or long as you wish.

  • Thank you for a wonderful way to visit in a “pretend” Fellowship Hall
  • Thank you for matching me up with . . . . It was great talking to her and meeting her for the first time. I look forward to continuing our new friendship.
  • Really enjoyed the call with . . . Thanks for organizing this – was very fun. Hope others enjoyed it also and that the Church does it again
  • I was assigned a church member who is 35 years my senior…and I am 60! Was I intimidated as I dialed her number? You bet. Did I wonder what we would talk about? Yes. But conversation flowed easily . . .

Curious about the photo fun?! — “Send your picture, while on the phone, to Kris Fay