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How to decide which class is right for you?

Both classes will help people to prepare themselves to focus on the meaning of Jesus coming to live with us when he is born on Christmas Day, and both include plenty of discussion among the class members. But they are designed for people with different learning needs and styles.

“Hope” focuses on each of us hearing and seeing hope in scripture and in our lives, and on sharing hope and proclaiming hope to each other. Learning in this class relies on, first, class members preparing for the class by reading and reflecting on scripture and a selection from the book; next, on sharing with each other in the group session; and finally, after class, practicing what we learned during the time between group sessions. It is especially good for people who learn well through group discussion, deep group sharing, and doing things in their lives.

Please note: This class will cover an adult version of similar topics being presented in the children’s classes, so parents may enjoy learning along with their children. But it is not for parents only! The adult version is for ALL adults. The materials are flexible enough to use with a wide variety of learners.

“The Birth of Jesus” is a more traditional type of class, with a presentation followed by discussion. It is especially good for people who yearn to know more of the background behind the Biblical narratives of Jesus’s birth, especially more of the historical, cultural, and religious background. It is also particularly good for people who want to explore the theology that we can draw from understanding the birth stories and their context more thoroughly.