Immigration Justice and Reform

Immigration Task Force

Summary of December 14, 2022 meeting

Present: Jeff and Anne Smith, Julie and Gary Lustic, Steve Sedam, Sharon Shoemaker,
Nonie Stack, Chris Henry, Quentin Smith
Excused: Virginia Weiss, Charity Stock, Cynthia Lehman
A summary of the discussion is provided below:

Posting of Recorded ITF Forums
Julie reported she spoke with Kurt Haas who advised her the length of the recorded ITF
forums would take up too much space on the website. The group discussed options,
with no final decisions made. There will be a revamping of the FHC website.

Upcoming Trip to the Border
Jeff reported on the meeting with congregational members who were interested in going
to the trip to the Border. At this time there are 13 who have committed to going to the
Border, which leaves 2 potential openings. Quentin suggested that an e-mail be sent to
4 individuals who had expressed an interest in going but have not yet committed, to let
them know that there are 2 openings so that it will be on first come, first served basis. In
addition, the 13 who have committed to going will need to provide room preferences for
the hotel.

Mark and Carol Wedell have offered their home so that the group can view the
documentary, “Missing in Brooks County”. Steve suggested we arrange a time to speak
with Anna Hinajosa who can discuss with us issues of white privilege as it pertains to
the immigration issue. Jeff will check with the Wedells to see if they are available on
January 12 or 13 with a proposed time of 6 PM. Steve will check with Anna regarding
her availability for a zoom meeting with those planning to attend the Border Trip.
We have approximately $3500.00 from Justice and Mission to spend on supplies,
donations to the various organizations we visit. We can also subsidize costs for those
who will need the assistance. We will determine who might need financial assistance. A
possibility remains to use some of the monies to lower overall costs for each person

Jeff will check with those who are committed to going to see if they are amenable to a 7
AM departure, as proposed, or if they would rather leave at a later time. Depending
upon the time of departure, it may impact the cost.

Concerns about Emergency Care in Lake County
Sharon discussed a situation in which a co-worker had taken someone who is Latino to an
Emergency Room in Lake County. The waiting time was excessive and the person who was ill
eventually left. She later died. Another person waited a long time and was later admitted with
symptoms of a stroke. Someone reported that they were told that because they were Latino it
was assumed they were using the ER as an urgent care center and so were triaged as low on the
list to be seen. The group discussed various options as how to approach the hospital to discuss
our concerns regarding what appears to be an inequitable treatment of Latino patients in the
ER. The group discussed the potential of obtaining statistics regarding Latino patients in the ER
and whether they experienced a delay in treatment well beyond the average non-Latino
patient. Quentin suggested that we talk to Hola regarding their experiences and for feedback,
with a potential to have a meeting with the Director of the ER. Sharon will get additional
information to verify that the reported incidents are occurring at the same hospital.

The next meeting will be scheduled dependent upon input from those going to the Border and
information/recommendations from Caly.