Immigration Justice and Reform

Immigration Task Force Forums 2022

In the past year, The Task Force has presented two educational forums. The first two-part forum, “Bringing the Border Home” was held on April 24th and May 1st, 2022. We heard from professor of history John Flores on the topic of “They are Here Because we are There”. This was an engaging presentation about the root causes of immigration. We also heard from immigration attorney, Brian Hoffman about current policy implications for “people on the move”. This forum also includes discussion about work at the Mexico/US border from a Presbyterian perspective and faith-based advocacy for positive change.

The second forum, “Matthew 25 Goes to the Border”, was held on November 13 and 20, 2022. We heard a presentation from Jack Lesniewski working in Guatemala with Mennonite Central Committee ( a relief and development organization of the Mennonite Church) about the reasons Guatemalans (in particular) migrate to the US. In this same forum we also heard a presentation on “Current Policies that Create Systems of Decendency”, by Marissa Lemon Garza, Executive Director of Las Americas.

In the November 20th session, Caly Fernandez, who works with Puentes de Cristo (Presbyterian organization addressing needs at the border), talked about conditions on both sides of the border and the work that Puentes de Cristo is doing to address these need/issues. This session includes and extensive and informative question and answer period with Caly.

Both of these forums were held on line to reach a broader audience. Both were intended to bring focus and attention to what is happening at our southern border as thousands of immigrants per day seek asylum in the United States. The links to all the forums are listed below. Also, visit Puentes de Cristo for more information.

Matthew 25 Goes to the Border (1 of 2)
Matthew 25 Goes to the Border (2 of 2)