Upcoming Events

POSTPONED "Into the Wilderness of Grief ~ Sundays, Mar 22, 29 and Apr 5 @ 9:30am"

Rev. Goines will lead Into the Wilderness of Grief for the second of our Lenten Adult Ed series. Join her on Mar 22, 29 & Apr 5, 9:30-10:30am, to explore the complexities of grief and loss, biblically-

based spiritual practices, and expressing art in a safe and supportive environment.Wilderness implies the fear and discomfort of the unknown, as well as real and perceived danger. However, it also implies the gifts and graces of an ever-present God, who miraculously led a grieving and disoriented people through the wilderness to a new orientation. The objective of the grief-care group is to support the journey from disorientation to reorientation.

Who is encouraged to attend? Any and all youth and adults journeying through grief, and anyone who desires to be better equipped to support others through the grief process. So, novices and seasoned artists, verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, intuitive and sensate processors, introverts and extroverts—all are welcome.

Register for the class with Pat Seeders after worship on Sundays, beginning Feb. 23 through Mar. 15.