Immigration Justice and Reform

ITF Minutes from 2/22/2022

Attending: Sharon Shumaker, Gary Lustic, Julie Lustic, Anne Smith, Jeff Smith, Charity Stock, Virginia Weiss, Steve Sedam

Welcomed: Cynthia Lehman

You were missed: Quentin Smith, Ron Register

Cynthia was welcomed to the meeting. She wanted to be with us this evening as she is worried about the men from Burkina Faso.

Emmanuel, Idrissa, and Issoufou

No new updates on the whereabouts and condition of Idrissa and Issoufou. They were last tracked by phone a week ago today. Jeff will consult with immigration attorney Brian Hoffman about the responsibilities and risks for the church and its ability to house others who are out on bond in the future. Emmanuel seems to have adjusted well to living by himself. He goes to the Cleveland Heights Rec Center nearly every day and is continuing with his ESL studies. He wants to continue doing work and helping at the Pantry.

Leonor and family

Leonor called Sharon a couple of weeks ago. She sounded good. Jose can be in the U.S. but does not yet have a work permit, so he is not shoveling snow this winter. Leonor’s work permit needs to be renewed. Elizabeth Ford will do the filing, but it costs about $2,000. Elizabeth has done a lot of pro bono for them. The Task Force will determine how best to be of assistance to them in handling this important expense. 

With the next monthly payment to the family, the Sanctuary Fund will be depleted. This fund, established through the generosity of the broad FHC family has helped to sustain Leonor and her family for several years.

Eric and Margaret are interested in being real estate agents. Perhaps the Education Fund can assist in covering costs needed for them to become licensed real estate agents.

Survey results and U.S./Mexico Border tour

Steve gave an update on the survey of FHC members and friends to assess interest in the work of the task force and of a border tour in particular. The survey results appear below. There is greatest interest in a two or three hour Zoom educational program. Day of the week to be determined. With Task Force members interested (8 people) plus the 6 people from the task force, a good-sized group (14) can be assembled for a virtual tour. We are looking to do this in April. Considering 3 hours for one evening at $30/person. Will use the grant from the Endowment to pay for those who need financial assistance.


IRTF wants the task force to present a one-hour program on Saturday, March 5 at the IRTF office, 11:30 a.m. to a group of OSU students who are examining immigration issues. Sharon, Anne, and Cynthia will put something together possibly also involving Zongo, Emmanuel and/or Jonas.

New Task Force member

Noni Stack was enthusiastically and unanimously approved to be a new task force member. Welcome Noni!

Next meeting

March 30, 7 p.m. at the Smith’s

Results of ITF survey of FHC members and friends

14 responses: 5 task force members, 9 FHC members

Responses from the 9 non-task force members

  • Want to participate in direct support of the men from Burkina Faso, all 9
  • Interested in working to help support immigrants in northeast Ohio who live outside of the church, 3
  • Interested in learning more about (in rank order):
  1. Federal legislation and policy, 8
  2. Separation of children from their families, 7
  3. Life in detention centers, 6
  4. Quality of life at the border, 5
  5. Root causes, 4
  6. The migration experience, the journey, 3
  7. Other, 1
  • How would you like to learn about immigration issues?
    1. Through a Zoom educational program, 7
    2. Articles in the TOWER newsletter, 5
    3. The weekly church e-news, 4
    4. The FHC website, 2
    5. Other, 1
  • Preferred option(s) for a border tour
  1. Single day Zoom educational program, 6
  2. Multi-day Zoom educational program, 4
  3. In-person border, 1 (plus one maybe)
  • Interested in joining the Immigration Task Force
  1. No, 8
  2. Yes, 1 (Anona Stack)