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Ministry of Adult Spiritual Growth Winter 2022 Classes

The Ministry of Adult Spiritual Growth is pleased toannounce the following classes and groups for Winter of 2022. We believe that all adult Christians need lifelong Christian education and spiritual formation. Please consider signing up for one of these opportunities to learn and grow as a Christian!

Sunday Mornings

How the Scriptures Came to be THE Bible

Follow Me: Baptize and Live in Community

Open our Eyes and Hearts to Racial Injustice

Other Classes and Groups

A Conversation with Susie Kaeser, author of Resisting Segregation, co-sponsored by the Black Caucus and the Racial Inequality Repair Committee.

Discuss Caste: The Origins of our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson, sponsored by the Black Caucus

“The Sum of Us” Book discussion

Bible and Bagels

Men’s Group

Coming soon:

Reconnecting with God’s Creation

Preparing for End of Life — For your Family Members and You