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Music Program Discernment Survey

The Music Discernment Committee has been formed by Session to envision the future for the music program of Forest Hill Church.  Our mission is to discern the best course forward for the ministry of music, through careful deliberation and with God’s grace.  We recognize that music is meaningful for all who participate in worship.  It shapes the spiritual experience.  Music is also a shared form of worship – the congregation is as vital as the choral and instrumental groups.  So, we seek input from all of you.  

We invite you to help envision the future of our music program by filling out the survey in the attached link…  We invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and hopes for music as a part of worship.  Your responses will be held confidential and never reported individually.  Please respond by February 28.  

If you prefer a hard copy of this survey, please send a request to musicsearch@fhcpresb.org.

The committee will gather all survey responses as well as other information, analyze the findings and prepare a report, which will be shared with all.  The results will be the basis for continuing our music program and seeking gifted people to lead it.  

Click here to go to the survey