Upcoming Events

Pacesetter & Group Christmas Parties! ~ Saturday, Dec. 14

Take your pick of Christmas parties on Sat. Dec. 14. The Group (60s – 70s*) gathering, at Diana Woodbridge’s home, begins at 6:30pm; the Pacesetters (40 – 60s*), at Dave & Chris Bell’s home  starts at 7pm. RSVP to Cathy Ghiandoni for the Group’s party.**  No RSVP necessary for the Pacesetters; just bring an appetizer, dessert, or beverage to share along with an item for the food pantry.
*Anyone is welcome at either Christmas party. The age ranges give you an idea of those with whom you might be partying!
**The Group supports a Boulevard School family for Christmas each year. This year they are helping a great-grandmother raising four children attending Boulevard School, 2 girls and 2 boys, ages 5 – 13. Specific purchase info will be given when you RSVP.