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Racial Equity Buddies

Facilitators: Lisa Vahey and Quentin Smith
Dates and Times: Saturday mornings, September 17 and October 1, 10:30 AM to 12:00 Noon. (More dates to be decided later.)
Description of Experiential learning opportunity:
A Racial Equity Buddy is a trusted companion with whom one can have difficult discussions on race. Two people agree to talk openly and honestly, without judgment, about their experiences and views regarding race and racism. They agree to meet consistently to listen to each other with open and curious minds.
This concept was introduced to Forest Hill Church about four years ago by a frequent visitor and friend of the church, Professor Mark Joseph, and some Buddies have been meeting for that entire time. They invite you to join them on a wonderful, colorful, discovery tour, learning about hidden historical figures and events while simultaneously learning about your own place in that history.
On Saturday morning, September 17 (10:30 to noon), we will meet on Zoom to continue this important program. New people are welcome to join those who began as Buddies earlier.
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