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Re-Imagining The Eucharist: Ritual, Presence, and Mystery ~ Sun. Feb. 21 - Sun. Mar. 7, 9:30am

Please join our 2021 Lenten 3-week 9:30am Adult Ed class Sun. Feb. 21 through Mar. 7 as we continue the 2020 Lenten series interrupted by the pandemic. Tom Zych will lead this Zoom series exploring the origins, meaning, history, and power of our communal feast.  The class is open to all, members and guests alike. Sign up with Tom Zych here.

The last gift of Jesus to his disciples is his most revolutionary one: Jesus literally gave over his life and body and told us to “do this” ourselves. As with much of Jesus’s teachings, however, his words raise more questions than answers. What exactly is “this,” and who is supposed to “do” it? Do we receive, or are we to embody the sacrifice? Whose description of “this” is correct, or are we all wandering in the dark?

What has been one of the central sacraments of our faith from its beginning has both nourished the faithful while endlessly setting us against each other, often tragically. It is hard to imagine Christianity without the Eucharist. Still, we have participated in the Lord’s Supper for many of us without really taking the time to understand why we do so and what it can mean for our lives and our spirits.