Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC)

October 31, 2019

Forest Hill Church is a member of Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC), a non-partisan partnership of faith communities and partner organizations working to

GCC asked its members: What one change would make life in Greater Cleveland better for your family and your community?  The answers fell into 20 categories from which five key issues were researched to generate specific, immediate and concrete campaigns that were presented to the GCC Delegate Assembly for action:

Education, Jobs, Health Care, Criminal Justice, and Food Accessibility

As a GCC member, our congregation chose Criminal Justice to research and act upon locally. Our team currently is focused on Gun Violence Reduction and felony over-charging.

To get involved at any step in the process, see team leaders Jennifer Blakeney, Dick Obermanns or Diana Woodbridge.

How Greater Cleveland Congregations is organized and operated

More info at:
Greater Cleveland Congregations
GCC on Facebook



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