GCC Organizational Structure

June 29, 2018

How Greater Cleveland Congregations is organized and operated

The Delegate Assembly is GCC’s largest representative body and meets bi-monthly to discuss, approve or modify GCC strategic initiatives. Delegates attend training, serve a two-year term, lead their core team, and participate on action teams and subcommittees. Although each organization has only one vote, Delegate Assemblies are open to attendance and vocal participation from all members of GCC.

Issue Action Teams are the heart of GCC’s work. They are comprised of people from many member congregations and organizations, and are led by people who have been to regional or national trainings. The Issue Action Teams are linked to GCC through the Strategy Team in which Issue Action Team leaders meet monthly to consult and strategize. The Lead Organizer consults with Issue Action Teams on how they wish to organize their leadership, depending on the size and focus of the Issue Action Team.

The Strategy Team consists of 15 members who meet monthly. Its members include Issue Action Team leaders, clergy and lay leaders from GCC member congregations and organizations. The Strategy Team discusses and recommends strategy to the Delegate Assembly, and organizes leadership development and membership recruitment. Its sub-committees include budget, fundraising, media, and recruitment. The Strategy Team hires and fires the Lead Organizer, who hires and fires other Organizers.

General Assemblies call the whole organization together. They launch significant new initiatives or campaigns in the public eye and are important political demonstrations of strength, inviting political and civic leaders into relationships of mutual accountability.

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