COVID-19 Emergency Fund

September 3, 2020

The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund offers two ways for those affected by the virus to qualify, and apply, for relief funds: the Mutual Aid Network and Community Grants. There is no deadline for applications and decisions are made on a rolling basis. All applications are reviewed, and disbursement decisions are made, by Forest Hill Church volunteers. No identifying information is shared outside the review committees.
To donate to the Relief Fund, please go to our Giving Page here and indicate COVID fund in the comment box.

The MUTUAL AID NETWORK matches individual needs and resources, recognizing that everyone has needs and everyone has resources. Mutual aid networks are new to some of us. Read our FAQs here. To participate in our Mutual Aid Network, visit bit.ly/FHC_MA.

COMMUNITY GRANTS are available to individuals and organizations, including small groups within our congregation, that are working to meet needs of people impacted by COVID-19. Community Grants are open to any group that sees and honors the image of God in every human being, seeks to create a just society by meeting the needs of everyone in the community, and promotes human rights consistent with Matthew 25: I was hungry and you gave me food. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

The Community Grant Committee will discern how to award funds in light of this, and in accordance with the following considerations:
● Long-term benefit (e.g. education, sustainability of business).
● Open to for-profit and nonprofit organizations as well as informal community groups. (Applicants need not be a religious organization or affiliated with Forest Hill Church.)
● Priority to groups that have difficulty getting funding elsewhere (e.g. organizations that can apply to the Greater Cleveland Rapid Response Fund).
● Priority geographic scope is the east side of Cleveland and inner suburbs. Applicants should be serving those in need from ZIP codes 44106, 44110, 44112, 44118, 44121, 44122, 44124, or 44143. Additional areas will be considered, subject to the availability of funds.
● Grants will be generally limited to a maximum of $5,000.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund
Community Grant Application

Instructions:  Please copy and paste your answers to the following questions.

Email completed application to jm@fhcpresb.org
OR mail to:

Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian
Attn:  COVID-19 Emergency Fund Community Grants
3031 Monticello Blvd.
Cleveland Hts., OH  44118

Organization or Small Group Information

Organization Name _______________________
Contact Person __________________________
Telephone Number _______________________
Email ________________________________
Tax ID (Orgs only) _______________________

Summary of Funding Request

Check One:    ___ Small Group Grant    ___ Business or Organization Grant

Amount Requested (maximum of $5,000)    $___________

Name or Title of Grant Proposal:


Purpose of grant related to emergency needs (i.e. explain the need that has arisen due to COVID-19):



Forest Hill Church member(s), if any, currently involved in your project/program:



Other faith communities or community groups involved (if any):



I/We acknowledge that receipt of a FHC Community Grant requires a final report submitted to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund Task Force and communication or requested updates to the congregation.
Yes ___
No  ___

These next questions are designed to help you tell us your story. Please use them as a guide, but not a rigid form. If we ask for information below that does not fit your project, you may modify the requested information to fit your project better.

1. Describe your proposed project/activities. Include responses to the following questions:

a. State the specific goals and outcomes of your project/activities and how the pandemic has created this need.
b. How will this project benefit those impacted by the pandemic?
Who specifically will benefit? In what way?
c. Please specify how you will use the funds and a project budget.

2. Identify any partnerships, involved FHC congregants, or potential volunteer or donation opportunities.

3. Describe any matching or in-kind support for your proposed project/activities. What resources other than the FHC Community Grant will be applied for to accomplish your goals? Please give the status of any other requests.

4. Describe the way you will provide information to Forest Hill Church about the accomplishments of your project/activities? In addition to “countable” criteria, please also consider including first-person narratives or photos.

5. Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organizations Only: Briefly describe your organization, its origins and mission statement. Include your current involvement in the community, and attach:

1. Current Board of Directors or Trustees
2. Current director, staff and volunteers involved.
3. Forest Hill referral, if any.

6. Small Groups Only: Briefly describe your team, their roles on the project, and (if applicable) relationship to Forest Hill Church.

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