Mutual Aid FAQ

July 30, 2020

What is mutual aid?
Mutual aid is a model of civic cooperation used to maintain a safety-net for our community. Services, goods, and funds pass from one individual to another through the network. The Mutual Aid Network helps match needs and resources. Because mutual aid is rooted in community building, we ask that for every need presented, you offer something in return. Likewise, for each  offer, you name a need. This normalizes the give and take of every person and pushes us to think about using as many in network resources as possible. Think creatively about what you can offer.

What are some examples of needs or resources?
Some examples are grocery delivery, access to medical care and transportation, getting your water turned back on, a fan or a/c unit, yardwork, access to the internet, phone or letter companionship.

Who can participate?
Priority is given to residents in East Cleveland and the surrounding inner ring suburbs with zip codes 44106, 44110, 44112, 44118, 44121, 44122, 44124, or 44143.

How do I get started?
Find our application online at bit.ly/FHC_MA.

Can I participate more than once?
Yes, just fill out a new application for each request and offer.

Are there funding limitations?
Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.

How will I receive funds?
Funds are normally distributed by check and can be picked up or mailed to you. If you don’t have a bank account or home address, please be sure to mention this.

When will I be contacted and how quickly can my needs be met?
You will be contacted within a week after your application has been submitted. Please indicate the urgency on your application.

Who reviews my application? Is my information confidential?
A small group of volunteers at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church reviews applications. No identifying information is shared outside the review committee and organization.

Where can I make a donation?
You can donate to Forest Hill Church Presbyterian’s Covid 19 Relief Fund here on our church website  65% of your donation will go towards our Mutual Aid Network, the other 35% will go towards supporting small groups, community organizations, and minority-owned businesses through our Covid-19 Community Grants (Return to our main Emergency Relief Fund page for Community Grants info and application form.)

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