International Connections in Haiti

February 26, 2020

The closest international mission fields to Forest Hill Church are in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, including Haiti. The ease of travel to these relatively close areas provided a unique opportunity for our congregation to build relationships with those living in economically fragile areas.

2015 Trip See the Forest Hill Church Haiti Blog for info about our latest Haiti missions.

2014 Partnership for Clean Water In 2014, we raised over $15,000 for a new well for the village of Gabo in Haiti through Haiti Outreach’s Adopt-a-Well program.

The kids of Gabo made this sign in their best English. “Thank you Haiti Outreach for this good wather (water) you give us. I weach (wish) you good work!” That truly says it all and makes this work so worthwhile. They now have a community-managed clean water well for years to come!

2013 Continuing the Journey  The Haiti team returned in the fall of 2013 for an adult mission trip in  partnership with the Little Brothers and Sisters of the Poor. This 9-day mission trip combined purposeful work with relationship building, spiritual reflection and cultural immersion.

The trip focused on 4 different projects: digging latrines, operating a primary care medical clinic, working with agricultural students , and working in an orphanage.

2012: Exploration  With the support of our Ministry of Justice and Mission, eight of our members traveled to Haiti to explore possible partnerships with Haitian communities or organizations. (Read the journal of their trip here.)

The team observed five main projects in the Hinche central plateau area north of Port Au Prince: MPP (Peasants’ Movement of Papaye), an Eco-village, the Orphanage of the Little Brothers and Sisters of the Incarnation, the Midwives for Haiti training program, and St. Therese Hospital.

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