March 25, 2021

We give thanks to God for sustaining Forest Hill Church throughout 2020 and for your faithful partnership during an unprecedented time. Due to the Covid-19 virus, our 2021 Stewardship Campaign offered a Stewardship video instead of a brochure, and a method for completing pledge cards  online.  (Givers may also download this 2021 Pledge Confirmation Card, complete, sign, and return it to the church by regular mail.)

Why pledge? Christian giving is an unselfish act that affirms our generosity and willingness to share. This is such a generous congregation that some may wonder “Why do I need to pledge?”

When we pledge, we support the good and visionary work of the church, including

When members pledge, they tell us how much of a budget we will have for the year, allowing for faithful future planning. Please take a moment to view our Stewardship video for the answer to the more important question: “Why not pledge?”

How much should I pledge? Rather than a set amount that is the same for everyone, Scripture supports proportionate giving according to your individual income. The emphasis is on equal sacrifice, rather than equal giving, while recognizing the relationship between increased giving over time and increased faith.

How do I pledge? Two easy ways:

Pledges and gifts make up 84% of the church’s annual income. Without pledges from members and friends, there would be no pastors, no benevolence, no hospitality, no programs, no building.

Our budget has 4 parts:

The Stewardship Ministry coordinates a year-round program to promote the health of the church body – at an individual, congregation and community level – by cultivating the Spirit through awareness, gratitude, giving and actively honoring the resources of our time, our talents and that which we treasure, including our natural resources, attested to by our Earth Care Team.

STEWARDSHIP FOR KIDS!  Print out and share these Children’s  Stewardship Activities with your children at home.

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