Giving Options

October 2, 2022

Forest Hill Church has several giving and payment options. You select what works best for you.

Pledging – A Pledge is a commitment to contribute a specific amount to the church’s annual budget on a regular basis: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. When a financial commitment is made to regularly support the church, it:

A pledge sustains all the programs and ministries of the church whether directly or indirectly. Direct support to the operating budget pays staff salaries and benefits, building maintenance, utilities, music, and education, etc. Indirect support provides important programs with free use of space, utilities, advertising, materials, supplies, technical equipment, and employee labor.

You can pledge directly online or complete a physical commitment card.

 Designated Gifts— are financial contributions made for a specific purpose, such as sanctuary flowers, food pantry, education, music, Black Caucus, etc. When making designated gifts, you complete an online form and indicate the purpose of the gift.

Payment Options

Forest Hill Church
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