Immigration Justice and Reform

October 18, 2021

Immigration Task Force Members

Sharon Shumaker, Jeff and Anne Smith, Charity Stock, Steve Sedam and Virginia Weiss,

Gary and Julie Lustic, Ron Register, and Quentin Smith

Mission Statement

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves and to be welcoming to the newcomer in our land. The mission of the Forest Hill Church – Immigration Task Force (ITF) is to identify ways Forest Hill Church responds to this call. We strive to respond to immigrants on an individual, organizational and institutional level. The ITF serves as a clearinghouse for issues requiring financial support from FHC’s Justice & Mission committee; it makes recommendations and carries out related activities including education of FHC and the community at large about immigration challenges. The ITF also acts as a liaison between FHC and the Heights Friends of Immigrants group with whom they interface around similar goals and objectives.



ITF Minutes from 2/22/2022

Attending: Sharon Shumaker, Gary Lustic, Julie Lustic, Anne Smith, Jeff Smith, Charity Stock, Virginia Weiss, Steve Sedam Welcomed: Cynthia Lehman You were missed: Quentin Smith, Ron Register Cynthia was welcomed to the meeting. She wanted to be with us this evening as she is worried about the men from Burkina Faso. Emmanuel, Idrissa, and Issoufou […]

Allied Organizations

Heights Friends of Immigrants (HFOI) Heights Friends of Immigrants supports migrants and refugees locally in NE Ohio.  It provides education and takes action on various initiatives in defense and support of our immigrant sisters and brothers. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday evening of each month in rotation at St. Dominic Church, Forest Hill […]

Allied Organizations

InterReligious Task Force on Central America (IRTF) irtfcleveland.org The InterReligious Task Force on Central America brings together people from various faith and secular communities to act in solidarity with oppressed peoples in southern Mexico, Central America, and Colombia through consciousness-raising and direct consumer and political advocacy to build long-term structural change. HOLA Ohio holatoday.org HOLA Ohio is […]

How We Became A Sanctuary Church

During the first half of 2017, members of Forest Hill engaged Session and the Trustees around welcoming refugees and supporting non-citizen immigrants who live in our communities.  A dinner was held with US Together, an organization helping refugees.  A meeting was also held with representatives from HOLA Ohio, an organization based in Painesville that helps […]

Ministry Activities

Task Force Activities

Burkina Faso 3 Updates

Issoufou, Idrissa, and Emmanuel have found many interests to keep them busy this summer. They have had numerous landscaping jobs with both members and friends of members of Forest Hill Church. With each new job they are gaining confidence in their use of the English language, at least in the area of gardening. They now […]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Bringing the Border Home

Sunday, April 24 & Sunday, May 1, 2022; 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” — Matthew 25:35 The Immigration Task Force of Forest Hill Church Presbyterian invites you to attend “Bringing the Border […]

Immigration Task Force

The Forest Hill Church Immigration Task Force would like to hear from you! The task force seeks to welcome the stranger by 1) providing support for Emmanuel, Idrissa, and Issoufou from Burkina Faso who live in the church while awaiting asylum and 2) Educating and mobilizing the church members and friends about the conditions and […]

Columbus Dispatch Writes about Plight of Asylum Seekers

Forest Hill Church guests, Issoufou Lembane, Idrissa Kiema, and Emmanuel Sabo, are asylum seekers from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Their asylum cases were denied in January of 2020. They have been living at the church for almost two years while they await their appeals. Read more about their stories in the Columbus Dispatch at […]


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