May 2, 2022 Antoinette Richardson

Saturday, May 7 • 9 am to 1 pm

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to house clean. We need people of all ages for many tasks, including: switching storms & screens, washing glass, gardening, mulching, and getting organized. Some supplies will be provided, but please label them yours if you have your favorite tool.

There’s plenty to do inside if it rains – outside tasks will be rescheduled.

Please wear your FHC name tag if you have one so that we can make new connections after being apart.

LUNCH will be served when our work is done.

A SCAVENGER HUNT is planned for the kids!

If you wish to signup, please fill out this form: https://fhc.breezechms.com/form/cb0e22.

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Bringing the Border Home

April 21, 2022 Antoinette Richardson

Sunday, April 24 & Sunday, May 1, 2022; 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” — Matthew 25:35

The Immigration Task Force of Forest Hill Church Presbyterian invites you to attend “Bringing the Border Home,” a two-part online (Zoom) journey of education and action in support of immigrants seeking a better life. Learn about the current state of the immigration crisis and what you can do to help alleviate their suffering.

You will learn about:
Immigration History: “They are here because we are there”
Immigration beyond the US Mexico Border. government policy implications for people on the move
Border work from a Presbyterian perspective
Faith-Based Advocacy for positive change
As part of adult education at FHC, there is no charge for “Bringing the Border Home”. To register, click on this link fhc.breezechms.com/form/a8709f1462 and follow the prompts. Once you are registered, you will be sent the Zoom link to participate in the event and other information.

For more information, contact Sharon Shumaker at itf@fhcpresb.org.

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Black Caucus Book Club discusses “The Whiteness of Wealth”, Saturday April 30, 2022 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

April 4, 2022 Elizabeth Shaw

In The Whiteness of Wealth, author Dorothy A. Brown draws on decades of cross-disciplinary research to show that tax law isn’t as color-blind as she’d once believed. She takes us into her adopted city of Atlanta, introducing us to families across the economic spectrum whose stories demonstrate how American tax law rewards the preferences and practices of white people while pushing black people further behind. From attending college to getting married to buying a home, black Americans find themselves at a financial disadvantage compared to their white peers. The results are an ever-increasing wealth gap and more black families shut out of the American dream.

To participate in this Zoom discussion, send an email to the Black Caucus at: blackcaucus@fhcpresb.org or register here: https://fhc.breezechms.com/form/7b1894314.

Image of Book Cover: The Whiteness of Wealth, by Dorothy A. Brown
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Follow Me – Practice Spiritual Disciplines

February 8, 2022 Antoinette Richardson

Facilitated by: Ann Williams and Ron Zimmerman
When: Sunday Mornings, 9:30-10:30 AM, March 6-April 10 (six sessions) and another time to be determined.
Resource texts: Your own Bible, and a resource book, available in printed copy at the church for $15 a piece. 
Class Description: This class series is continued from the Fall and Advent classes, focusing on ways for adults to live and grow as Christians. In this series, we prepare each week by reading and reflecting on Bible passages and the book. During class, we have a group discussion that follows the interests of the group members. 

To sign up: https://fhc.breezechms.com/form/a8709f

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Black Caucus Book Club: How The Word Is Passed, Clint Smith – Saturday March 5, 2022. 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

February 1, 2022 Elizabeth Shaw

The Black Caucus Book Club will host a discussion of “How The Word Is Passed” by Clint Smith on Saturday March 5, 2022, 10:30 AM – 12:00 Noon.  To receive the Zoom link, please email:  BlackCaucus@FHCPresb.org

A deeply researched and transporting exploration of the legacy of slavery and its imprint on centuries of American history, How the Word Is Passed illustrates how some of our country’s most essential stories are hidden in plain view—whether in places we might drive by on our way to work, holidays such as Juneteenth, or entire neighborhoods like downtown Manhattan, where the brutal history of the trade in enslaved men, women, and children has been deeply imprinted.

Informed by scholarship and brought to life by the story of people living today, Smith’s debut work of nonfiction is a landmark of reflection and insight that offers a new understanding of the hopeful role that memory and history can play in making sense of our country and how it has come to be.

Image of Book Cover: How The Word Is Passed, Clint Smith
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Me and White Supremacy Book Club

January 2, 2022 Ann Williams

Group Leaders:Jennifer Blakeney and Lisa Vahey
When:Monday evenings, 7:00-8:15 PM, January 24, 31, February 7, 21, and 28. Please note: this group will NOT meet on February 14.
Where:On Zoom only.
Resource Text:Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. This book is widely available in print, digital, and audio formats from bookstores and local libraries.

This book club is organized around the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. At each meeting, we’ll discuss the book (which is organized into “weeks” of learning that we’ll follow). There will also be journaling and reflection as we read, share, discuss and grow so we can see, understand, and actively dismantle white supremacy.

To sign up: You can sign up here.

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Ministry of Adult Spiritual Growth Winter 2022 Classes

December 27, 2021 Ann Williams

The Ministry of Adult Spiritual Growth is pleased toannounce the following classes and groups for Winter of 2022. We believe that all adult Christians need lifelong Christian education and spiritual formation. Please consider signing up for one of these opportunities to learn and grow as a Christian!

Sunday Mornings

How the Scriptures Came to be THE Bible

Follow Me: Baptize and Live in Community

Open our Eyes and Hearts to Racial Injustice

Other Classes and Groups

A Conversation with Susie Kaeser, author of Resisting Segregation, co-sponsored by the Black Caucus and the Racial Inequality Repair Committee.

Discuss Caste: The Origins of our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson, sponsored by the Black Caucus

“The Sum of Us” Book discussion

Bible and Bagels

Men’s Group

Coming soon:

Reconnecting with God’s Creation

Preparing for End of Life — For your Family Members and You

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How the Scriptures Came to be THE Bible

December 27, 2021 Ann Williams

Group Leader:Tom Zych and Kathryn Eloff
When:Sunday mornings, 9:30–10:30AM, January 9–March 27, 2022 (12 weeks). The room will open at 9:00AM.
Where:The class is offered as a hybrid so that you can join us via Zoom or in-person in South Hall.

Ancient scroll

Have you ever wondered how our Scriptures came to be “the Bible”?  Have you wondered how the books we study got into the canon in the first place, and who decided what was in and what was out?  Or even when that came to pass?  We share texts with our Jewish sisters and brothers, but we use different collections and use the texts in different ways.  When and how did this happen?

We invite you to participate in a 12-week class on the development of the Biblical canon. A mix of presenters and styles, with a variety of readings, outside speakers and our own Pauline scholar, the course will be organized around Bart Ehrman’s “The History of the Bible: Making of the New Testament Canon.” There will be readings (including particular sections of scripture and extra-canonical books).

It’s hard to predict what will be best about the series, but the first class will certainly be a highlight. Our good friend, Rabbi Roger Klein, will start us off with an outline of Jewish thought on the formation of the canon of the Hebrew Bible. And he will pick up on an idea that has been raised in our own classes: should the canon be open to new books or to remove old ones? Is it a formal discussion in our own faith? Should it be? Do we have a tradition that parallels the oral and rabbinic traditions of the Jewish tradition? Does the text itself ask for ongoing interpretation?

To sign up: You can sign up through Breeze here. Or you can email your intention to Kathryn Eloff at kathryneloff@gmail.com.

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“The Sum of Us” Book Discussion

December 27, 2021 Ann Williams

Group Leader:Cynthia Lehman
When:To be determined. Cynthia will talk with people who want to participate and choose a time that works for all
Where:On Zoom only.
Resource Text:The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, by Heather McGhee. Purchase online here.

Heather McGhee wonders at the beginning of the book why we can’t have nice things. By that she means policies and systems that work for all of us. Her exploration of that question produced a book that examines all of the ways that the zero-sum game prevents us from creating thriving communities that work for everyone. This book discussion will meet on Zoom at a time that works for all.

Sign up here.

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Follow Me — “Baptize” and “Live in Community”

December 27, 2021 Ann Williams

Facilitated by:Eileen Viscaino and Ann Williams
When:Sunday mornings, 9:30–10:30AM, January 9–February 27, 2022 (8 weeks). The room will open at 9:15AM.
Where:On Zoom only.
Resource Text:Your own Bible and a resource book for each month, available in printed copy at the church for $8 each.

This class series is continued from the Fall and Advent classes, focusing on ways for adults to live and grow as Christians. Each week, we prepare by reading Bible passages and the book, and by reflecting on the topic for the week. On Sundays, we have a group discussion, following the interests of the group members.

For January, we will study and discuss the practice of Baptism, a practice that is “in some ways, incredibly simple… A few words and a handful of water are the only essential ingredients. At the same time, baptism represents a great event with profound significance for the life of discipleship… it plunges us into a pool of meaning and mystery deep enough to swim around in forever….” (Baptize, p. 4)

During February, we will study and discuss Life in Community. We affirm that “no one is able to, nor are we supposed to, follow Jesus on our own. We need one another for this journey of faith.” Therefore we will discuss such questions as, “How do we navigate our differences find common ground, and learn to create a life together with all the unique aspects that make us who we are?” (Live In Community, p. 4)

This class may be of special interest to parents, since our Family, Youth and Children’s program is using a children’s version of this same curriculum, allowing families to study similar material together.

To sign up: You can sign up here.

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