First Week of Advent: Hope

November 28, 2022 Antoinette Richardson

Hope knows where it needs to go

By Jean Reinhold

Maybe you’ll fly to Orlando

to have the best dinner conversation

of your life. Maybe you’ll drive

to Erie just to say happy birthday,

noticing the blazing trees, wishing

they could be the gift you give.

Maybe you’ll answer the phone

in the middle of the night because

someone needs you, then get out

of bed to really listen. Curl yourself

onto the floor, the phone beading

her words into your bones.

God is revealed in details. Today,

it hit you, all of the movement,

the way God made them walk to the

holy land. Mary, Joseph, the wise men.

We must leave ourselves, slither

out of routine.  We must venture

outside of the known to know.

God is saying to us – find and follow

your star, there is a distance to travel

and it will not be easy. Life is mapped

out by your veins, hope knows where

it needs to go.  Walk your way to the edge,

knowing you’re sure to come home

a different way.

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Staying Awake ~ Mark 13: 24-37

December 3, 2017 Peg Weissbrod

The morning’s sermon begins just before the 16 minutes mark. Member Mary Ann Breisch’s haunting composition Refugee is sung as the Offertory just before the 31 minute mark (text follows the sermon below.)

Happy New Year! I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? But you know today’s the first day of the new worship year. Indeed, the church calendar begins in Advent and runs through the year until Christ the King Sunday, or the celebration of the rule of Christ which we marked last week. Read the rest of this entry »

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