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Spring 2021 Adult Ed Offerings

Two new Adult Ed offerings are coming up. The 1st, from Mar 14-28, will focus on the parables about plants and growth in the Book of Luke, and will be led by Pat Jenkins & Ann Williams. The 2nd, from Apr 11-May 23, will explore ways to pray focused on the Lord’s Prayer. Two groups will be offered: one led by Katherine Eloff & Tom Zych, the other by Ron Zimmerman. Details and sign ups below.

Parables of Growth: Flourishing in the Kingdom  Jesus lived in a society of farmers and herders. In parables about spiritual growth, he often used imagery drawn from the plants that grew in his area.

As our weather warms in northeast Ohio and the days are longer, the many dormant plants are beginning to grow, pushing their roots deeper into the earth and sending up shoots. Our thoughts, too, naturally turn to growth. How can we flourish? How can we become abundant, productive people?

On Mar. 14, 21, and 28,  Pat Jenkins and Ann Williams, both gardeners, will lead a Zoom discussion on parables about plants. They will include information about the specific traits of each plant and invite discussion about how those traits apply to our spiritual lives. Please join us for what we hope will be a fruitful time of sharing!

To sign up email Ann at asw1217@gmail.com. Please use the subject: Parables   The only book necessary is The Bible, the book of Luke. We will use chapters 13:18-19 (the mustard seed); 8:5-15 (the sower and the soil); and 13: 6-9 (the tree, the gardener, and the manure). Note: We generally use the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) Bible translation, but others are also useful. Many can be found at: www.biblegateway.com.

Lord, teach us to pray  How should we pray? We all have been taught something about prayer, and we all have had some experiences of prayer. While we are sure that God accepts even our intention to pray, we may wonder what Jesus himself had to say about how to pray.

In fact, Jesus gave us a model of prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, found in Matthew 6:9-13, with a shorter version in Luke 11:2-4. Many people memorized it as children, and we recite it most Sundays during our worship service. It consists of an address to God, “Our Father in heaven,” followed by six quite different, brief requests.  Do you know how to use the Lord’s Prayer as a model for your own prayer?

Come join us to explore using the Lord’s Prayer as a model. The Ministry of Adult Christian Education will offer classes to explore in depth the six petitions, learning to pray as Jesus wants us to pray. We will begin with an introduction by Pastor Veronica Goines. In the following weeks, two Zoom groups will be offered. Please sign up directly with the facilitators.

Student resource book: Lord, Teach us to Pray by John C. Purdy. The book is available at church office (216-321-2660, or office@fhcpresb.org). Cost is $15

Sign up info:
Kathryn Eloff and Tom Zych. Sign up at Tom.Zych@thompsonhine.com
Ron Zimmerman. Sign up at rzimmerman2000@gmail.com