June 6, 2022

Sunday Worship: 11:00am

To keep you safe during the pandemic, we are worshipping virtually and in person.

Please go to the church’s YouTube channel to find the current week’s live-streamed service on Sundays at 11:00 am Eastern time (schedule may change during the summer – check back for updates).  Past services can also be accessed at that link.

Worship is when we acknowledge and discover God’s call and presence in the world and in our lives. It’s an hour devoted to intellectual curiosity and emotionally charged prayer, designed to build our faith community and celebrate God’s, radical love.

Our worship services blend relaxed rules with reassuring rituals. There’s enough structure to keep seasoned members comfortable while wrapping everyone in a loving, permission-giving environment.

View of the sanctuary from balcony

The sermons are lively, the prayers are moving, the music is diverse and stimulating. Sometimes the music features our spectacular organ. Other times you’ll hear gospel or jazz, accompanied by a variety of musical instruments.

Adults and children read Scripture, sing, even preach occasionally. The result is a jubilant empowering of both service participants and the congregation.

Chancel Choir ~ ready to go!

Archives of past worship services are available here.


The Sacrament of Communion is served monthly, usually on the first Sunday of the month and during other special worship services throughout the year. This meal of bread and non-alcoholic grape juice recalls and celebrates the Lord’s Supper and is a sign of community and acceptance. By participating in Communion, we receive and trust the love of Christ present to us and to the world.

We generally celebrate Communion by coming forward and being served individually by intinction (dipping pieces of bread into one large cup.) After the meal, worshipers who choose may kneel at the railing for a blessing and anointing.

We’re not the hosts of this meal – Jesus Christ is the host and has already invited you to the table. Whether you trust in Jesus or are still seeking, no one desiring to receive communion will be turned away. The table is open to all who respond to Christ’s love, no matter what their age or church affiliation. All may be nourished for service through this ritual sharing of God’s grace made visible.


The Sacrament of Baptism is one of two sacraments celebrated by Protestant Christians.

Just as we recognize one body of Christ encompassing all believers, we accept and adhere to one Baptism, no matter which Christian church administered it – Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Baptist, non-denominational, whatever.

A person is baptized only once. When an infant is baptized, their baptism witnesses to the truth that God’s love claims people before they are even able to respond in faith.

Baptisms of both infants and adults are celebrated in a service of public worship. If you or your child have not been baptized and you wish to arrange a baptism, contact the church office (216-321-2660) to arrange an appointment with either co-pastor.

Pews beginning to fill


A lectionary is a schedule of bible passages chosen to correspond to the church year. Along with many other churches, we follow the Revised Common Lectionary, a 3-year cycle that focuses on the Gospel of Matthew the first year, the Gospel of Mark the second year, and the Gospel of Luke the third year.

Following the lectionary ensures that a wide range of biblical texts is shared during worship. To read past and future daily lectionary texts online, go to Revised Common LectionarySave

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