October 4, 2022

Vision Statement: Music Program at Forest Hill Church

The music program
The music program will welcome and build the beloved community. There will be an array of diverse
music done authentically, sung and played to match its purpose. At its core, the music program will be
participatory, an essential element of worship and prayer. The music program will evolve with the church and its congregants, yet help us all learn, remember and celebrate the stories of our faith. The music will be of the highest quality, yet easy to access and engage with. Knowing the power of music transcends words alone, the music program will be spirit-led and shine a spiritual resonance. Its primary purpose is to draw us closer to God through the Holy Spirit.

What the music program will do
The music program will be the frame and window through which we praise and give thanks for God. It will complement and build upon the text and theme of worship. All ages will actively participate; the music program will build and connect the community. The music program will flexibly draw out the musical gifts of many and help us build and celebrate those gifts that come with music: confidence, creativity and connection. The music program will challenge us to grow musically and spiritually. It will help build traditions within our families, our church, and our community. The music program will be testimony, helping us talk about and celebrate our transformative relationship with God.

How the music program will feel
The music program will be exciting, connecting and collaborative. It will be evocative, creating ways for us to experience a full range of emotions and responses. It will be inclusive and expansive, allowing
individuals to interpret and be moved in their own ways, yet, it will also feel familiar and comforting. It will empower and fulfill. The music program will reveal our commitment to love and belonging. It will touch and shape each soul, and help us grow a collective home, more powerful than any one individual.

The music discernment committee will, through careful deliberation and with God’s
grace, seek skilled leadership to enact this vision.

One of the things that keep people coming back to Forest Hill is our music. It weaves its way through our services, binding us together emotionally and lifting us spiritually.

Pre-Covid, we regularly featured guest vocalists, instrumentalists, liturgical dancers and small group ensembles.

Visiting Elégie quartet with Caleb Wright, Brian Barron, Mist’a Craig, and Michael Hives

Music from the rich heritage of traditional sacred music along with that of different world cultures deepens our worship experience. African drumming, Iona songs from Scotland, jazz, freedom songs from Africa – music from around the world joins us together as the beloved community.

Chancel Choir

Processing on Palm Sunday

Our all-volunteer Chancel Choir has a reputation for musical excellence as well as fellowship, fun, and a commitment to glorifying God through music.

Members rehearse weekly on Thurs. evenings, Sept – May, provide weekly worship music and participate in many special events.

Sine Nomine Choir

Enthusiastic high school members of the Sine Nomine Choir

The youth (grades 6-12 with college students warmly welcomed) named this choir Sine Nomine, Latin for “no name.”

Rehearsing in the Chapel

Rehearsing in the Chapel

Listen as they sing the Advent carol He Will Come When We’re Least Expecting HimClick to listen

Descant Choir

This popular children’s choir features children in grades 1-5. They rehearse Sunday mornings at 9:30am and sing regularly in worship. Their performances are energetic and well-received. Listen as they perform a Forest Hill favorite: All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir

Cherub Choir

Our pre-school Cherub Choir sings for the pure joy of making music. One Sunday a month they meet from 10:15-11:00am for a time of singing, moving, playing musical instruments, and having fun making music. The Cherub Choir sings during worship a few times a year.

Summer Choir

Our choirs take a break during the summer months. The robes come off and anyone who wants can show up early for a quick run-through before our Summer 10:00am worship The singers give it their all, singing easy-to-learn pieces and getting a taste of what being in a church choir is about. The music gets a little jazzier at times, like this wonderful blues-style Gloria led by member Clayton Minder. *


A variety of small choral and instrumental ensembles enliven and enrich the dance of worship at Forest Hill.

Voices in Bronze This handbell choir practices on Thursday evenings and performs several times a year.

Forest Hill Steel Drum Band Rehearsals of this group for all ages are arranged at the convenience of the players and take place around three weeks before the performance.

Hear selections from a past Lessons and Carols service here.

Another tradition is the annual singing of the annual singing of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah that closes our Easter Sunday service.

Forest Hill Percussion Group

Percussion Group practices in our Sanctuary
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